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About Us

About Us

Utesh Technologies is focused on Software and Web Design, development, search engine optimization and web marketing, e-Commerce, multimedia solutions, content writing, graphic and logo design. We have a highly capable team of web consultants, creative designers, content writers, programmers and web marketing professionals who know how to deliver results. We treat each of our clients individually and therefore we do not offer set prices on any service. We offer affordable low-cost web design with our web design services for all personal websites and business websites. Our professionals believe that the key factor for the success of any ongoing project is to build a spotless communication bond with our client. Our team members are not just IT professionals but have decent communication skills with people, which effort in cycle with your needs and Requirements. Our company takes care of every minute with details for what our client communicate during the process of developing the project. As a web development firm our request for you to look at the information technology sector in Patna (BIHAR) in recent days. This industry has been improved very rapidly with available highly skilled IT professionals and updates communication technologies.


years of experience in the industry

Who We Are?

1. What are the reasons which motivated you to start the startup?

We were the working employees of highly reputed MNC’s in Bangalore, India. But, whenever we visit our state Bihar, we see some companies having technically faulty knowledge in IT which means that people were not only getting faulty projects, but they were charged heavily for the simple and plain projects.

So, we started UTESH in Bangalore itself in 2012 informally and channelled projects through Bihar. Later, we shifted to Bihar in 2014.

2. How was the your journey towards your startup?

So we already had started our work in Bihar, and our business grew in good time. We single handedly started IT and legal services and later started hiring some of the professionals in IT sector, in and outside of Bihar.

We have products with registered brand name like - Evalux, Suryalife- for light , WEE- camera, Greenflame- for lpg gas stove, cleanpure- for Roc water , Angel tv- for smart curve tv. And e commerce platform – BYP – (www.bookyourproduct.com).

3. What are the hurdles you faced and how you overcome them?

So the problem was basic in nature : We were about to recruit more employees and we were short of funds. Bihar’s investors were orthodox in nature and were hesitant to provide us investment for IT field. But we tried to manage the work pressure, with freelancers and by burning our midnight oil a bit more.

4. About funding from starting of the start-up to right now?

When we left our job, we had some savings. But that was not enough. We tried to manage our expenses with that saving, meanwhile we were searching our angel investors also. But later we had to take personal loans also, as we did not had much choice.

5. About the start up. Why should people should choose you?

Since our beginning, we never had spent a single penny for advertisement purpose. It is because of two things:
1. We could not afford that much financial pressure &
2. We always felt that, let our hard work speak. People should choose us, not only for the quality but for the honest effort.

6. Developments up to now. Future plans?

We were doing well until 2016 Jan, when we suddenly got strike with the idea that, why can't we manufacture cheaper and better quality goods. Bihar is a resource deprived state, and we felt that, why can't we produce cheaper and better quality goods for the rural and semi urban middle class people. It was quite challenging, as the market, especially electronics was dynamically competitive, withal kinds of branded and local goods. But we started with comparatively smaller electronics goods- LED BULB and later LPG gas stove. Within 1 and half year, we are having 5 more catchy products in our hand- LED TV, CCTV Camera, Water Purifier and some more electrical goods.

7. What is the inspiration tag line that will be on your wall or you follow??

"Time changes and Change is happiness".

We always follow this line. We believe to change and evolve according to the scenario of the market condition. But the best part is, we want to see happiness in the eyes of common people. For example - Imagine a rural family gets a colourful LED TV at half of the price, what a branded TV costs. They will cherish their dream of having a TV in their home.

8. Message for young entrepreneurs?

Learn your Basics. Whatever business you want to do, you do it. But, you need to be well verse in those works. You shouldn’t be dependent on your employees. And most imp. Thing- work will be always there, but you need to give some time to your FAMILY. Because your family needs you and may be you need your family too.

9. Who are your competitions and how are you better than them?

We don't want to compete with anyone. We have a fixed client range and we are happy with that. But when someone asked us, why should we choose you ?

We only have one answer for them - Compare the price, Compare the prompt service we provide and compare the specification of our products and service.

10. About the founders?

Utsav Anand and Satyam Anand are the prime founders of UTESH, ex employees of IT MNC. They left their job to have a dream in their mind- lets change BIHAR .. !!

11. What are the biggest misconception people have about you? Why do they have that? What’s the reality?

Yes, to err is human. We too had done many experiments with our services and products and failed some time. Even Investors feel, that it might not safe to put money over our products. We are new to them. We are not a market biggy brand. But the reality is simple- Persistence. We will do our work with patience and continuity, and the day is not so far, when people will appreciate us, for what we are doing to change the life of Middle class people in Bihar.

12. How hard is it to have a work-life balance as a start-up founder and how do you manages it?

This problem every start up people faces. We had to skip many things. Now, we are not called social sometimes. We had to sacrifice our many passions. But we knew that, it will happen one day. So we are ready to handle this with our both arms open and saying—LET IT COME.

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